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Momo AI ad manger

Momo AI Ad Manager is an AI-driven advertising platform tailored for B2B use, designed to streamline the advertising process and maximize effectiveness for Momo advertisers.

I collaborated with other 2 UX designers in this project, delivered the defined user flows, hi-fi prototypes for vision through working closely with a cross-functional team.


Sep 2023 - Current

​My Role

UX Designer

UX Researcher


Echo Reality & Black and white cat 



Momo is a social media platform with 400 million user base, so they established an advertising platform for revenue generation and traffic monetization. However, the current advertising revenue is lower than expected and has hit a bottleneck.

The Problem

Momo advertisers need to invest a substantial amount of time and effort in Momo Ad Manager, adversely affecting both ad revenue growth and ad effectiveness.

Design Outcome

We designed an all-in-one ad platform powered by AI and machine learning, which streamlines the advertising process, saving time and costs while maximizing effectiveness.

Understanding The Context

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User Research Process

To identify users' needs, we decided to dig deeper with some primary research, using surveys and interviews. 

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Research Insights

After conducting the primary research, we analyze the data to identify common themes and insights.

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Design Challenge

“How might we optimize the system to boost revenue generation for Momo by enhancing efficiency?"

User Journey

We subsequently developed a user journey map to pinpoint crucial touchpoints where users engage with the system. This allowed us to identify areas for enhancement throughout the advertising process, ensuring a better alignment with user needs.


Painpoints & Opportunities

Based on the pain points identified at each stage, we transformed them into design opportunities.

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We had an internal brainstorming session, following the generation of numerous ideas, I facilitated a workshop to deliberate on the priority features to be included in our project. The participants encompassed the product manager, product operations team, and developers. Subsequently, we collectively prioritized the features based on considerations such as time frame, development difficulty, and feasibility. Finally, we arrived at a consensus and depicted the priority in the following figure.

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Create 2.0 IA

Following our previous design decisions, we have developed the information architecture (IA) for Momo Ad Manager 2.0. This IA aims to ensure a clear and organized layout, as well as a well-defined hierarchy.

Low-Fi & Hifi Explorations

Below are examples of the low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes we developed. After numerous internal discussions and revisions, we conducted separate user tests using the final high-fidelity prototype to identify any potential usability issues.

Iteration based on feedback

We've fixed numerous UX issues uncovered during testing. Here's a case where I revamped the AI Copy feature based on feedback(This feature aims to provide assistance when advertisers encounter difficulties in writing ad copies) , resulting in a smoother user experience by saving time and offering support when needed.

image 206.png
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Group 2610935.png

Before: A chatbot to generate ad copy options

Vector 150.png
Group 2610936.png
Group 2610935.png
image 207.png

After: an AI editing feature to enhance ad copy

Anchor 1

Final Solution - Welcome to the 2.0 Momo AI ad manager

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01. Quick Overview of Account Performance

A dashboard enables the advertisers to quickly get the trend and situation of the account and make the decision and strategy accordingly.

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02. Customized Report Experience

Users no longer need to search through heaps of data, customize report feature enables them to select specific metrics, generating tailored reports to meet their needs. This enhances efficiency, freeing up time for strategic analysis while ensuring accuracy and scalability

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03. AI support for Ad copy

The AI edit provide support users in modifying and polishing ad copy as needed, completing the enhancement process quickly. Not only does it improve the quality and appeal of the ad copy, but also saves users costs and resources

Group 2610926.png
Group 2610787.png

04. Smart AI guidance

AI Ad Manager provides real-time AI guidance to users during campaign creation, empowering informed decisions and optimizing performance efficiently

Group 2610931.png
Group 2610788.png

Performance & Impact


Boost in Operational Efficiency


Increase in User Satisfaction


Increase in Task Completion Rate


“Small Details are a Big Deal”

This phrase encapsulates one of the most profound realizations I've had throughout this project, and it echoes the wisdom imparted to me by my mentor. As I reflect on the journey of this project, I've come to understand the immense significance of even the smallest elements. Whether it's the precise font size, the subtle nuances of color contrast, or the seemingly trivial placement of buttons, each detail plays a pivotal role in shaping the user experience.

Through the course of this project, I've learned to approach design with a meticulous eye for detail, recognizing that every pixel matters. By prioritizing the refinement of these small yet critical elements, I've been able to elevate the overall quality of the user experience. Moving forward, I will continue to embrace this philosophy, understanding that it is often the small details that make the biggest difference.

Next Projects

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